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Thread: Yale Professor Seeks To Abolish The Word ‘Master’

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    Quote Originally Posted by Absinthe Anecdote View Post
    I used to make all the sailors at Misawa call me Master.
    They must've been dumb as hell, considering that every service has at least one enlisted rank that starts with "master."
    "Well... Uber's going to "driverless" cars soon, and their research probably shows that they're a natural fit (when it comes to getting paid for doing nothing)."
    -Rainmaker, referencing black males

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bos Mutus View Post
    I don't understand the question...what about them?
    Will someone who has earned the title "master" still be allowed to be called it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by giggawatt View Post

    what the hell is going on over at Yale?
    It's called the "Great Leveling".

    And It's not always necessary for a student to be really smart to attend Yale.

    They just have to be extremely wealthy or somewhat "bright" and fit into the correct diversity demographic (to be used later against the middle class)

    Here's a couple future "Yalies" Demanding a "safe space" from......

    Offensive Halloween costumes!

    These products of Marxist Indoctrination are coming soon to an HR department near you......
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