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Thread: 2 Women to Graduate from Ranger School

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    While I was in boot camp, during the thang in Vietnam, I was in the first series that were given the M16 for recruit training. Actually, we were issued CAR 15s, but anyway ...

    We were also issued little comic books with voluptuous women teaching us how to clean our rifles. These ladies were wearing Army fatigues. They were also very much 'stacked' women.

    Being trained somewhat by these Babes of Cartoonlandia, I suspect that that was a clever plot to make us all more amenable to women getting into combat.

    Yes. That is what that was. Infiltrating our brains with good looking women, 'handling our rifles'. It was only a period of time until they would begin to infiltrate our Band of Brothers.

    Oh, and the main character was wearing a cute little beret. A diabolical push at having the entire Army wearing berets!

    Women! They are cunning!

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