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Thread: Al Gore Insiders “Figuring Out If There’s A Path” For Him To Run

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncaRastus View Post
    Was it Mac Daddy Arthur?

    Or it may have been squeaky voiced Patton, done while dreaming that he was Julius Caesar, with tanks.
    Yes, Mac Arthur was Chief of Staff for the Army and Patton was just a Major at the time. Patton was in command of a tank unit at Fort Meade.

    This is off topic, but who cares. I was wandering around a part of Fort Meade with my camera recently that used to have all the pre WWII barracks.

    I found a gravestone marker for a bulldog who was the company mascot for one of the Army's first tank units. The area is overgrown with weeds and trees and I bet that it had been a while since anyone had looked at it.

    I love finding stuff like that when I go on little hikes.
    All behold that fancy strutting peacock, the bake sale diva...

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    I would've gotten my weed whacker out and trimmed up the the weeds around the gravestone, then I would have gone nuts on the immediate areas smaller trees/saplings.

    I would do that wearing all black, or at least a black armband. That way the guards might help, instead of throwing me into the stockade.

    Taking along another English Bulldog that would be one of the Marine Corps' mascots might not be all that good of an idea, even though it may be thought of as one service dog paying respects to the one buried there, because peeing on the gravestone, and/or digging in the ground might be frowned upon.

    Now, would you please return to the matter at hand? Sheesh!

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