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    He almost pulled it off...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bos Mutus View Post

    He almost pulled it off...
    It is a test of a new rank........similar to Corporal-Captain tested during the Korean Police Action.
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    I think that guy's uncle is in the Marines

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    I was talking to this gent that claimed to have been a Force Recon Marine, but then he jumped over to the Navy to become a Seal, while being a 4 star Admiral, while also being the first Army guy ever to fly a jet airplane. Being retired, he sends all of his retirement pay over to charities for wounded service people.

    As Commandant for the Marine Corps League Detachment here at the time, I guess that he chose the correct person to tell this to. Some of the members of the Det. and I were out in front of a local Walmart, selling tickets to a drawing that would benefit a charity for wounded service people, when he did that.

    Finally, though, he ran out of fascinating things to run his mouth off about, and I related as to how I was a Roman Centurion, way back when. Also that I was the guy that stuck my spear up through Jesus's ribs, to make sure that he was dead.

    He looked at me with his mouth hanging open, then he ran away back to his car and took off. Too bad, though.

    I was about to sell him the Spear of Destiny!

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