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Thread: Anybody ever use E-Learning?

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    Anybody ever use E-Learning?

    Has anybody here ever used the E-learning available at the AF Portal? I was looking it over and saw they had a section on my career field, RF Transmission Systems (3D1X3). When I opened up the tree it was almost nothing but IT networking lessons. What's up with that? Is that site just meant for IT stuff and not necessarily for the specific career fields? Just wondering.
    For the record I am not: AF Communicator, Comm Guy, Comm Chief, CommGuy, CommGuy 72, COMMGUY8, Comm_Guy, Comm_O or satcomman.

    I doubt anyone else cares but it was bothering me. Is there an OCD emoticon?

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    I know when i looked into it back in 2010, it seemed a lot more focused on networks, IT stuff, cabling and the like. With how Computer savvy people are getting, i can understand the shift to push them ALL that way.

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