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Really, you haven't seen anything on the topic??

I have been seeing these stories for years, locally and nationally.
I think MK was more on about 'abuse' in this new program. Not abuse in the phone program.

BUT nice rundown on links.

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The program supports many who work, they just don't make enough money.
What qualifies one as making enough?
Just like us in the military can't go off our base pay, we need to take in all our allowances and extras to see our 'total' compensation, shouldn't the same be done to the "poor"//

Lets look at the example this site used

Family 1, single mother of 2. She works part time while attending tech school full time. Earned income from her PT work is less than 10k a year.
Family 2, is a two parent 2 kid household, where one parent also works part time and attends tech school. (didn't mention if the other parent works PT or FT), but goes to say their yearly income is 50k.

Family 1 gets 5,356 from Wisconsin foodshare. Family 2, gets nada
Family 1 gets 447 from WiC, Family 2 0.
Family 1 gets 422 from school lunch programs, Family 2 0.
Family 1 gets 2,616 from Wisconsin works programs, Family 2. Zilch.
Family 1 gets 11,219 from something called Wisconsin shares. Family 2. Bupkiss.
Family 1 gets 9,048 for Section 8 housing benefits. Family 2. You guessed it 0.

For a sub-total of Public assistance benefits of $29,168 a year for Family 1, and 0 for family 2.

For Tax benefits, Family 1 is listed as gaining 5,050 a year in federal income tax benefits. Family 2 is listed as gaining 635.
Family 1 is listed as gaining 440 in state benefits, family 2 actually PAYS 1,147 a year in state taxes. So overall they are at a net loss here.

Subtotal for taxes, Family 1 gains 5,490 a year, while family 2 Loses 512 bucks.

Student financial aid
Both families are on Pel grants, gaining 5,550 for family one a year, and 4,900 a year for family 2.
Both also receive wisconsin higher education grants, giving family 1 an extra 1,084 a year, while family 2 gains 1,011 a year extra.

Subtotal for educational assistance.. Family 1 gains a bonus 6,634, while family 2 gains 5,911.

So family 1's total "Compensation package" is worth to them, $41,292 a year to her and her two kids.
Family 2 though, their total compensation package is only 5,399 (cause of the net loss for taxes).

Add that to their pay above, and family 1, clears 10k+41k = 51k.
Family 2, 50k+5K. So that means not including medical/dental, family 1 is only 4k worse off a year than family 2..