Even if you are a believer in God, praying to him to ask him for anything makes no sense.

Especially when you consider God's will and his plan.

If it isn't his will for you to get whatever you are asking for, you aren't going to get it.

If it is his will to for you to get what you are asking for, then your prayer is equally irrelevant.

Let's say you have small child who has been in a car accident, the child is near death.

Your prayers have absolutely no impact on God's will to save the child.

If the child dies, some dumbass in your church will explain that God must have needed another little angel in heaven.

If the child recovers, there will be great rejoicing and praising of God for answering the prayers to save the child, but if it wasn't his will to do it, no amount of prayer would save the child.

You can get the exact same results praying to a fire hydrant.