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Thread: Praying to God is Dumb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Absinthe Anecdote View Post
    The Internet is one of the few places you can have these discussions. It is a battle of ideas, and I have yet to lose one on religion to the point I have run away from the argument.

    Unlike what just happened here with Rainmaker. He reversed nearly two years of rhetoric a few posts ago, and then promptly ran from the thread.

    I'm not surprised that he is embarrassed about that Pink Floyd video I posted, it mirrors the type of propaganda from the Society of Saint Pius X that he routinely quotes.
    Rainmaker's posted plenty of points for discussion

    . But as usual you want to stick with crying racist, posting boring rap videos or yelling at Jesus.

    Now, I notice you often reference the "Christian God" in your hate filled diatribes. But, I've never heard you lash out against the "Jewish God"

    I suspect this is because either A: you're Jewish and don't think they're the same God.....

    Or B: You're afraid of going on record, because you know someone could twist your words to label you an Anti Semite (and target you professionally later).

    In either case you're either A: a liar and a bigot or B: a hypocrite and a coward.

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