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I want no part of Debbie Dills's God.

Her "hero" of a God chooses to ignore the frightened prayers of all those people in that church while nine people where being murdered.

Yet, God did step in to make Debbie pay attention to Fox News so the murdered could be captured.

According to Debbie Dills, God is so glory hungry that he does nothing to stop the murders, but steps in to make her alert enough to help catch the killer.

Debbie Dills is yet another Christian that spouts total nonsense without stopping to think what her claims imply about the nature of God.

Debbie is describing the actions of a monstrous and evil God.

A God who sent a young man into a church to murder nine people, so he could be glorified by his capture.
I watched a movie this weekend called "The Trial"

So, this guys wife and children were tragically killed...as the movie opens, he has a gun to his head and is ready to off himself because of the grief and depression...and the phone rings.

It's a judge. The guy is a lawyer that basically quit after his wife and family were killed...anyway, the judge wants to assign him to fill in for the public defender and defend a kid facing a death sentence for murder...

The actual courtroom drama was pretty lame...but after losing the trial, he ends up digging up more evidence and getting the real killer, case dismissed.

Over the course of the movie, the lawyer is also dealing with his own grief and depression...and having to fight for this kid's life sort of gives him a purpose and all that.

So, at the end of the movie, he is talking to a grief support group and says,

"My life changed the minute I stopped asking God why my family was tragically killed, and started thanking him I wasn't"

Not withstanding, I think a better line would've been "...and started asking him why I wasn't" rather than "thanking him"

I think it would still be difficult to "thank" God in that circumstance...but finding a purpose in asking "why am I still here?" is a little different tone.