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Thread: The First Out Transgender Active Duty U.S. Army Officer: “My Story Is Not Unique”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post
    The other day Rainmaker had to go out to the local base to meet up with a friend of his for a round of golf...............The slightly overweight female gate guard that took my ID to scan it with the card reader, was wearing blue latex hospital gloves..... I guess she just couldn't risk getting any ickie germies on her...

    .....Meanwhile 9th century ISIS throwbacks are chopping motherfucker's heads off and throwin bitches off roof tops bare handed....... But, American Media is ALL HOMO, ALL THE TIME!!.... 24-7 they can never stop talking about the queers......

    It has to be evident to all but most completely brainwashed among us that we are 3rd century Rome on the brink of collapse...
    Guys like Noam Chomsky will tell you the reason American media focuses on stories about transgenders and the Kardashians is to distract you from the real news stories.

    Good thing the rise of the Internet has fostered a segmentation of news media sources. If you don't like what CNN is serving, you can hop over to Mother Jones or Alex Jones and get your news from them.

    As a corrupt, decadent, and throughly brainwashed American, I'm currently enthralled with stories about subversive ideologues who claim everything is a conspiracy.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to turn on NPR so I can listen to a story on how we should do away with modern agriculture and rely on locally grown organic produce.
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