In some ways, I don't mind this. It's just my little conspiracy theory, but I don't think that this is a cost-saving measure. I think they're trying to discourage mil-to-mil marriages. Probably for at least one of the following two reasons:

1. Mil-to-mil are required to have a family care plan for a reason. I've seen alot of good people lost due to not being able to maintain their family care plan. This could help fix that.

2. To reduce female attrition, which will result in more women in the senior ranks. Let's face it... the majority of married women in the military are married to men in the military. It's rare to find one married to a civilian man. In more cases than not, when a woman in the military marries a man in the military, she gets out and her husband stays in. Well, if a woman doesn't marry a man in the military... she's probably more likely to stay in.

Just my thoughts.