Navy Times:

The promotion of the former commanding officer of the destroyer William P. Lawrence, who was faulted in the 2013 deaths of two helicopter pilots, has been put on hold.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus stopped Cmdr. Jana Vavasseur's promotion to captain pending the outcome of a review from his office, said Cmdr. Chris Servello, spokesman for the chief of naval personnel.

"Cmdr. Vavasseur's name is being withheld from the promotion list sent to the U.S. Senate for confirmation while the Secretary of the Navy's Office considers the report of the investigation into the helicopter accident that occurred while Vavasseur was in command of USS William P. Lawrence," Servello said in a statement.

"The Secretary of the Navy is charged with sending promotion nominations to the Senate for confirmation and in doing so he determines whether the officers recommended by the Navy's promotion board are qualified for promotion."

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