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Thread: House Panel Backs Major Military Retirement Overhaul

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLAPS, USAF (ret) View Post
    Looking at risk, unfortunately few people predicted the stock market crashes/corrections over the last 30 years. For millions of people in 2008/9, not only did they lose up to 50% of their investment value, but they also lost their jobs...which of course forced them to spend much of what was left in their investments long before they could wait for that upturn in the market. Bottom line, they lost everything. That's the risk everyone needs to accept before they invest in the stock market. My advice is, ensure you have zero debt (if possible) before jumping into the stock market. That way you can reduce the risk of losing EVERYTHING if the market crashes.
    I lost money too, but still came out ahead based i gains I made before then. Again, it is not zero risk, but a calculated risk.
    I would not argue to have zero debt, but manageable debt.

    Also, a retirement fund should be diversified between investments (stock, money markets and bonds), cash reserves and life insurance (I guarantee we will all die one day.)
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