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I disagree ... and will again say there was an unanswered invitation for him to discuss it privately. Also, if there was a grudge or butt hurt, why did I not just delete the original link to the article?

My perception (the 'truth of the matter' from my chair) is that there was some butt hurt on his part that he was not asked to be a moderator, which elevated his issue with the moderators. One of the consistent arguments was 'look at how many posts I have", "look how many likes I have" I won't argue that at first moderation was more strict than I would have liked or than it is now.
We've had this argument before and it's still the same, IMO. There are many who are equally, if not more, disruptive and personal then he (or JB or RC) with the only difference being the relationship and interaction with the Mods.

At almost the same time is when you "Hammer of Thor" was placed in your sig line. Whether it was tongue in cheek or not, I don't know, but it was noticeable.

Mods have been much more hands off then they were at that time and it's a good thing. Just a shame that a few people had to be permanently banned before you guys decided to take a step back.