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Thread: Required to attend LGBT training at colleges.. right or wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomeRandomGuy View Post
    First off, the remark was in jest and clearly not meant in a sexual way.
    If the entirety of the story is as you relayed it, then it is surprising to me that the company's legal team could not communicate this effectively to what i can only assume was a jury of ordinary people.

    The woman who sued was jobless and looking for money.
    Not sure the relevance.

    Third, even if the supervisor meant it in a sexual way, he would have known it was wrong and no amount of training would change that.
    I disagree with this. I think some training has been effective in instructing people on things that might be inappropriate in a workplace setting, or maybe driving home the potential repercussions of misbehaving. I mean, a lot of people like to ratchet up punishments as a deterrent to doing crimes, or misbehaving (death penalty, take away retirement benefits, etc.)...but how would those things be a deterrent if people aren't told about them? A death penalty can't deter crime if the potential criminal doesn't know he might get the death penalty...but what you're saying here is that people know right from wrong and making the punishment more severe won't change the fact that they want to do wrong and will do it anyway? I disagree.

    A supervisor might say inappropriate comments if he thinks he'll just be told to stop if and when someone gets "offended"...but, once he learns the offended party might have 10 years to bring a case...and he might get personally sued for not just saying comments, but for being within earshot of comments and not doing anything....learning that might change his behavior and mindfulness in avoiding the perception of collusion as well, and contribute to a healthier work climate.

    So I guess the point Sandsjames is making is that you shoudln't need classes to teach people right and wrong.
    Not everyone has the same understanding of professional conduct, as is clearly evident from this board alone.

    All of the sensitivty training is strictly a CYA thing based on frivelous lawsuits.
    The lawsuit isn't frivilous if she won (okay, we can all disagree with that). But, more importantly, I would think it is not only a good idea, but an obligation to help cover their company's ass from lawsuits. If this training helps do that...why are people against it again?
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