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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty Jones View Post
    Well, looks like I found something that I can agree with E4RUMOR on. I've pondered this question many times, but never really cared enough to investigate the answers. "Love" and "attraction," in reality, aren't things that can be logically explained.

    I often suspect that the person in the relationship who acts their sex is really bi, and not completely homosexual. I'm probably wrong about that, but if that's the case it would explain alot.

    Here's a question I've asked, but have gotten beaten up by other liberals on myself: Why go get a sex change? If you do, who would be a attracted to you?

    If you were born a man, and you get a sex change to a woman... straight men and lesbians aren't going to want you, because they still see you as a man. Gay men and straight women aren't going to want you because you look like a woman and you don't have a penis.

    If you were born a woman, and you get a sex change to man... straight women and gay men aren't going to want you, because they still see you as a woman. Straight men and lesbians aren't going to want you, because you look like a man and you don't have a vagina.

    So where does that leave them?

    These kinds of questions will get you verbally beaten down, but they're interesting when you think about them.
    One of the observations you made specifically is exactly the idea I had come to as well: "I often suspect that the person in the relationship who acts their sex is really bi, and not completely homosexual. I'm probably wrong about that, but if that's the case it would explain alot."

    I see subliminal message that's not openly acknowledged. However, explanations provided flow towards a wildly unpopular and discredited notion: choice. Not necessarily inherent programming of the brain at birth. Furthermore, it follows even more so when people make the choice to intentionally reorganize and alter their genitals, personality, or projection of self image in order to be something of desire (either for themselves, or to attract that which they desire - in this case more so the latter as the ultimate goal is appealing to, and gaining a sexual partner). And there is a distinct difference between actually being a certain way, and choosing to be a certain way. I.e., being a woman, but choosing to act and project oneself as being a man. As illustrated by a previous explanation:

    "As for why someone would dress and act in a manner that is not of their gender... Actually, it's kind of the same reason except, instead of looking for someone who has those qualities, they are looking to possess those qualities themselves. That is, the qualities that they find that makes them more appealing to others and ,more importantly, more appealing to themselves, are the qualities that they wish to embody and project. Whether in whole or in part, having these qualities is important to them because it is how they want the world to see them. To them, these qualities are immutable because it allows them the comfort of being able to be both truthful to others and to be truthful to themselves.

    That last part may have an element of truth to it - However, in hindsight, one must ask themselves the ultimate reason why someone would attempt to make themselves appealing, going so far as to alter their genitals, or project a personality which is not considered inherent to them based upon what society has defined as being masculine or feminine. (Granted, those distinctions are not deemed politically correct, and are slowly evaporating - i.e., boy who thinks he's a girl in his mind wants to be able to use the girl's bathroom at school, and people throw a fit when the school says no.)

    Is it really to be truthful to themselves or the rest of the world? Maybe for some people - However, from what I have observed, the majority of people take extra time to hygiene, press a shirt, style hair (if they have it), and put their best qualities or persona forward before going on a date or out to the club because they wanted to attract someone - however, what was the ultimate goal? Maybe a connection with someone? Yeah, in due time - But foremost, I think maybe they are hoping there's some chemistry which will lead to what? Sex. The other stuff comes later, unless you plan on practicing celibacy before marriage.

    Does that trend continue forward outside of pleasure seeking? Yes, at work, functions, etc.,. However, in this case - in the realm of attractions and relationships - I'd say sex is the real ultimate purpose in the beginning phases. If something more develops, it simply becomes an added bonus. If nothing develops, then the ultimate purpose is still resolute.

    It's all really not that complicated when you look at it that way. Other explanations, while appreciated, still leave a lot of "what ifs" and "maybes".

    Thanks for the input.
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