So, in sum, while the Navy (C7F) is directing to keep port costs down and to be responsible with tax-payer money, Francis "Fat" Leonard was bribing Navy officers in the Seventh Fleet staff to direct ship's visits to ports that he could offer husbanding services via contract (at overcharged prices ... to the tune of tens of millions of dollars in overage.) Combine the bribery for the redirects with the use of expensive hotel rooms, providing prostitutes and at least one officer pleading guilty to providing ship's schedules (which were classified) to Fat Leonard and it is getting to be quite the story.

C7F directs cost savings for port costs:

Some developments in the last few weeks:

Navy O5 pleads guilty:

Navy O6 & Fat Leonard both plea guilty:

While this is definitely a big deal for the Navy, it's really not resonating much with the general population a la Tailhook. For comparison, the story of the DDG CO selecting for Major Command despite the fatal helo mishap seemed to generate a lot more (misguided, uninformed)internet outrage. So far, it's Fat Leonard, a CAPT, a CDR, KO, and an NCIS agent that have pled out. Another CDR is holding out and another CAPT is unnamed so far. Plus two admirals are still under investigation (they were ship's COs during some of the activity).

I don't know if the same result would have come about if NCIS had been handling the case vice the Department of Justice, it seems the DoJ is not screwing around on this.