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Thread: 2014 CO, XO & CMC Reliefs

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    2014 CO, XO & CMC Reliefs

    Total commands (Afloat & Ashore): 874
    CO's relieved for cause: 16 (1.8% of total)

    16 COs.

    Naval Ordnance Test Unit
    USS Taylor
    USS Germantown
    USS San Juan
    USS Cowpens
    Coastal Riverine Squadron THREE
    USS Newport News
    Naval Station Everett
    USS James E Williams
    Naval Medical Research Center Singapore
    USS Boxer
    USS Vandegrift
    USS Stethem
    PMA/PMW-101 Program Manager for MIDS - Command ashore
    USS Tortuga

    Two collisions
    One grounding
    The rest are personal behavior or leadership issues ...

    2009: 12
    2010: 17
    2011: 23
    2012: 26
    2013: 21

    7 XOs.

    USS James E Williams
    USS Hue City
    NAB Coronado (Blue Angels)
    Pacific Missle Range Facility
    USS Connecticut
    US Navy Band
    USS Tortuga

    12 CMCs.

    USS Stout
    USS James E Williams
    USS Cowpens
    Naval Ordnance Test Unit
    USS Seawolf
    HSM 70
    USS Dewey (DDG )
    Navy Medicine Training Support Center
    JEB Little Creek
    USS Cole
    USS Germantown
    VFA 86
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