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    Quote Originally Posted by LogDog View Post
    Sorry, but I have to disagree with you. Not all children are at the same intellectual level you give them.

    Santa isn't a god but a commercially-adapted figure designed to increase sales of toys.

    As for parenting, it's a parent's call as to whether they want to tell their kids to believe in Santa and all you're trying to do is interfere with their parenting. Overall, it does no harm to the child as you seem to think it does.

    Why you have so much negativity in you I don't know but don't go spoiling it for the kids who believe. They'll learn at their own pace and it's not something that is important to life in general. It's no more harmless than believing in the Easter Bunny, Mickey Mouse, or Superman.

    First of all, I'm speaking my opinion in a public forum. How you make the jump to me interfering in a person's parenting is laughable.

    Second, my message is actually very positive and uplifting.

    Third, your contention that it is okay for a child to believe in superman or Mickey Mouse is just shatteringly bizarre and sad.

    Lastly, your view of children as incapable of understanding anything more meaningful than Santa is completely wrong.

    If one spends time teaching their children, the child's ability to learn and comprehend is nearly boundless.

    If one just plops them down in front of the television, perhaps it is as you describe.

    I'm actually encouraging people to be more involved with their kids instead of filling their heads with nonsensical Santa stories.

    What's wrong with respecting a child enough not to play holiday pranks on them?
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