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    Quote Originally Posted by BENDER56 View Post
    Um ... yeah. That's just a repeat of what I'm saying. Did you think I meant something more than that?
    I took your post for what it said. Your point was that people are stupid and for support you offered that half the people are below average. I was just pointing out that your evidence does not support your point.

    I hadn't thought about it, but outliers in a subgroup could cause that group's average to be lower than the overall population's average, but I'm talking about the population as a whole.
    Technically it could happen in the population as a would have to be a really funny skew

    Further, we both could be wrong -- half the population is above and below the median score, not necessarily the average score. However, I think the average and median points on the IQ curve of the entire population are close enough that we can be excused.
    That is correct...which is the whole reason I put in the disclaimer.

    That is funny, but in a sad kind of way.
    Yeah....excellent goal for an individual base, ridiculous as a command goal. I think, coming from a wing level, he just got so used to saying it, he forgot what it meant. We gave him sufficient crap about it for quite awhile
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