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Don't take this personally, but I don't believe anything just because someone says it.

Your apparent hypothesis that there are, "...all these instances where people just stand around and don't help," is nothing more than an unsupported assertion. In fact, just this morning in the Tampa Bay Times, I read an account of a guy in Maine who dove into frigid waters to cut a child out of its car seat in a submerged vehicle.

"Well, that's just one story," you say. You're right -- it means nothing. Just as I'm sure you're belief that, "... people just stand around and don't help," is based on nothing more than similar stories. It's called anecdotal evidence and it means nothing.

Neither of us knows if the overall trend is for people to help or for people to do nothing. Nor do we know if the trend is changing in one direction or the other. Find a comprehensive survey of many emergencies from many different parts of the country over many years, which documents and quantifies bystanders' actions/inactions, and then we'll know what we're talking about.
You are correct people no longer stand around and do nothing. Instead they get out their cell phone and video tape. If you are looking for the study it is at this link www.youtube.com