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Thread: Islam - A religion of Peace? Part of Multiculturalism?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Absinthe Anecdote View Post

    I never would have thought that his empire raked in that kind of money.

    They operate their own 747!

    He seems so comical and obviously phony; WTF?

    I can't help but suspecting that his church is laundering money for some criminal enterprise.

    Could a goofball like that really be convincing people to give that much money? No taxes on it either.

    I just read a short article about the South African government asking them to leave the country because he was claiming to be able to cure people of AIDS.

    Also, why would he need to inspect someone's cock after a vasectomy? What kind of person agrees to that?
    Well, I was going to make a joke about being duped but...........

    Seriously I have never been able to figure out how most of these Televanglists convince people to send them money. Seems a couple are legit but almost always something dark comes up.

    As far as Angley, like I said the first time I saw him on TV I thought it was an SNL skit. I wasn't kidding about that. He is so far over the top as to be comical (as you said)

    BTW: He got a great deal on that 747 if indeed he only paid 20 million bucks for it. I believe even a 1970s version would go for 100 million.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Absinthe Anecdote View Post
    Listen Freddy,

    Nothing I do is weak!

    Seriously, what I said in that post is very strong evidence that runs counter to what most Christians are led to believe about their bible. The vast majority are led to believe that it is a divine book, holy and without flaw in every regard.

    What I put in my post refutes that simplistic notion that is put into peoples minds when they are children.

    Besides, my main intent was to counter the drivel about Islam being messed up, Christianity is just as bad.
    Well I don't disagree with any of that except the last paragraph.

    Assuming you consider Islam a religion ( I dont) there is only one religion in today's world that is committing atrocities all over the world. Not 50, not 100, not 1000 years Which one is that? No prizes for a correct answer.
    Christians have the new testament……in other words they have recognized that they need to omit certain passages to move with the times…….Islam is steadfast in a no change policy

    The Old Testament is a collection of religious writings by ancient Israelites
    The Quran is a complete record of the exact words revealed by Allah through the Archangel Gabriel
    This is why Islam will never move into the 21st Century, it can't.
    Scholars have tried and failed.

    Islam is not a religion its a totalitarian way of life.
    It's a geo-political system that has governmental, financial, military and law with a religious component.
    This is the very essence of Islam and its intent is to enforce it globally for the good of all humanity, by force if required.
    They will lie to infidels ...... Telling us what we want to hear.....This is written in the Hadiths.
    For the benefit of those who are unaware the Hadiths are the words and deeds of the Prophet Mohammed. The Quran are the words of Allah himself. There are 6 different narrations of the Hadiths but essentially they are all very similar. The Hadith has come to supplement the Quran as a source of the Islamic religious law and the majority of muslims accept one form of them as part of their essential source. To most muslims the Quran and one narration of the Hadith go hand in hand.

    Something mulsim don't like us westerners to know about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Absinthe Anecdote View Post

    If you don't think they were lying, then what were they doing? Do you mean they were hoodwinked, or (wait for it...) duped?

    Perhaps, but I have seen fellow church members put on extravagant displays of having the Holy Spirit in them, and I know it was pure bullshit.

    From waving their arms around and hooting and hollering. My Grandma's church was Pentecostal and they spoke in tongues. A few who would do it, sounded a little convincing, like they were speaking some sort of language.

    Most sounded like the were imitating gibberish from a Popeye cartoon.

    I'll never forget one old man running around yelling, "Unga bunga wooga! Alibaba Wahba!" I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe, and Grandma was pinching my arm to make me stop laughing.

    Oh! I'm laughing pretty hard right now just thinking about it.

    The pastor eventually came up with a rule about speaking in tongues because of that man. Something about it needing to be highly ordered. In other words, only certain people could do it after that.

    What a laugh riot!


    I remember Ernest Angley, he was Pentecostal and was very popular in North Carolina.

    He has to be close to 100 years old by now! He was old when I was a kid.
    If you think that's funny.

    Watch this!

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