Navy Times:

So over a period of at least two months, the CMC hits on, propositions, makes sexually suggestive comments and attempts to kiss junior Sailors in his command. The best part:

"And just, for the record, I'm kind of disappointed in my mess, for this, in Fallon, that they didn't do anything to stop me," Shumate said, according to a newly released command report.
even though:

"Based on interviews conducted, it is apparent that CDMCM Shumate continued his attempts with different junior personnel throughout the night, even after being counseled by one of his chiefs after the first attempt failed," said the report; officials removed information in the report detailing Shumate's actions in each incident.
I have read the report and am trying to find a non-attributable version. Overall, it seems that through the investigation he owned up to what had been going on, and sorta took responsibility but at the same time kind of shirked it too and seems to have not been the example or leader the Mess or more importantly the Crew deserved. Very sad about this, it isn't good and am at least glad someone did the right thing and reported it.