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I'm not keeping track of how often 300lb women get laid, but I doubt it is as much as you seem to think.
From what I've seen - and this is purely anecdotal, as I don't believe anyone makes stats on stuff like this - it's the most undesirable women that have the most children around them. That 300-pounder has has four or five kids running around her at Walmart (none of whom look like full siblings), while the young professional looking woman doesn't have any children with her. Or maybe she has one or two, but her husband with her.

I've never been a lard ass, so I can't comment on that from a man's perspective either.
You don't need to experience it. You just need to look at what's going on around you.

As far as some women being weary of narcissists or players, true enough.

However, we men label certain females as high maintence. So what's the difference?
The difference is that these women are high maintenance in the first place, because they got accustomed to treating them a certain way. Men, on the other hand, become narcisists solely because they've got qualities that look good on paper.

In other words... as men, we'll put up with a woman's shit looooonnng before they'll put up with ours. But, of course, there are other factors in play there that it will take more than prostitution to cure: as men, we're also likely to be shamed into dealing with that kind of stuff by being given such bullshit as "It takes a 'real man' to be able to handle a woman like that."

I think that we're hard-wired to want women who are coy. I think that we're in denial if we say otherwise.

I've never had any problem getting girlfriends. That's part of the reason I have never remarried.
I've never had a problem "getting" girlfrieds, but it's the thing that come "with" girlfriends that made me want to marry.

Not being a fat slob is a basic self esteem issue.

Why do you think women should want to bang you if you are a pig?

On the plus side, if you are a fat pig then you will not even have to worry about trannies trying to dupe you.

Sorry, couldn't resist.
If you're an American in a third world country, they're worried more about your money than your weight.

But back to the OP:

I don't see a problem in female behavior that needs correcting.

Even if legalized protitution did shift certain societal-level behaviors, it would take a long time to do so, and it would be hard to verify.

There would also be other variables at play too, so isolating legalized prostitution as the primary driver behind a societal level shift would be extremely difficult.

It would take teams of book wormish sociologists a couple of decades to write studies that could never be proven true.
I think women are merely taking advantage of the buyer's market that they enjoy. And who can blame them? I'm merely suggesting that it's time to pull that buyer's market.