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However, that does nothing to prove that prostitution being legalized would make women "behave" better, nor is it about women, within a relationship, having the "upper hand", as they should, when it comes to deciding when it's time to have sex or not.
In order for me to prove it to you, we would have to get into a time machine and go to a US military base in the Philippines back in the late 1980's. Unlimited numbers of prostitutes were available there at that time and the prices were rock bottom.

All that prostitution did affect the behavior of the female US military personnel. Some were very bitter about the sexual competition from the prostitutes. Others realized that they would simply have to be VERY nice in order to get any attention from men. I was amazed at the number of female US military personnel who flirted with me when I was in the Philippines back in the
1980's. The good ole days.

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Nope...I've seen several guys I've worked with get screwed when it comes to the money and custody. I've worked with a guy who's wife listed the names of 17 guys she slept with while he was deployed and still got custody and child support. There is no doubt that family law is on the side of the woman.
So are you saying that women enjoy the "upper hand" in the family courts?