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Thread: It's Mouse Season!

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    It's Mouse Season!


    The last time I had ever lived with mice, was when I was nine years old - my last year in public housing.

    Now... with the house I moved into last spring, for about two months now... I've had mice in my house. I've always had about one at a time - and they'd eventually go away after awhile. But now... I have reason to believe that I have more than one in my house right now. Probably at least three.

    I've already found one spot that they're coming through. The house I live in sits on top of a crawl space, and they're coming up through the same hole that the washer pipe runs through. I haven't found any other possible entrances yet.

    I started out by laying a trap there - that traditional snap trap. It's not working. They'd take the peanut butter - sometimes without snapping the trap, and sometimes with... but no dead mouse either way. Then... I decided to lay all four traps down, that way in case the first one didn't get the mouse... there'd be three more. Still, the same thing happens.

    For the past two days, I knew that there was a mouse in the bathroom, hiding underneath the vanity sink. So, I laid a trap there last night. I woke up at about 4:30 this morning, and the first thing I did was check it... well, as I walked toward the bathroom, the first thing I saw was the mouse running behind the door. Then I looked over at the trap, and the mouse didn't even touch it. So, I went and grabbed a broom stick, hoping to whack it. The mouse came from behind the door, look at me, and then ran right past me out of the door! I'm pissed, because this mouse was smart enough to know that I couldn't catch if he did that! And... the mouse was smart enough to not go for the trap!

    So far, I've only killed two mice. About a month ago, there was a mouse that was dumb enough to run into an open space (in particular, an empty room that we currently do not use), so I grabbed a broom stick and whacked it. Just last week, I killed another... but it wasn't even in my house. It was actually right across the street. I was sitting on the doorstep, and then looked across the street and saw my two year old daughter chasing a mouse that was running along the curb. I then ran up to the mouse, and the mouse froze (I'm under the impression that humans can outrun mice out in the open, but mice have the advantage indoors because they can run underneath things - and that mice probably know this). And then... I raise up my boot, and stomped that mouse. It might not have been in my house, but one thing was sure... it wasn't going to be, either.

    Traps aren't working. I'm actually afraid to use poison, because I remember my mom using that when I was a child. The poison DID work. However, there was a horrible setback... you didn't KNOW that it worked, until you smelled the horrible odor of a mouse that's been dead for weeks that you now have to locate the source of.

    Has anyone had any trouble with mice that can offer pointers? I'm about to lose with these damned things!!
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    Peppermint oil. It is cheap and the scent too intense for rodents, they avoid it.

    Have a cat? If not ask a friend that does if you can take his used litter off his hands. Spread it around the exterior base of your house, the feline urine is a deterrent to rodents; this has to be redone every few weeks.

    Get a cat or two?
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    We had an issue in Israel and used glue traps. They seemed to work well. Be advised that the mouse will most likely still be alive when trapped so you will have to finish the job. Be very careful, the glue works well and sticks to everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
    Get a cat or two?
    Not to sound flippant, but yeah. I am in a country-type setting, and had an issue with field mice especially when fall and winter arrived. Got two cats from a local shelter and within a month we found zero evidence of mouse activity and no sightings in almost 4 years. The obvious drawback is that is plenty of evidence of cat activity.

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    We had the same problem with the peanut butter, but then got a tip that worked like a charm. Take a short piece of yarn and tie it to the snapper on the trap. Then rub the peanut butter into the yarn and lay it across the trap. They will tug at the yarn and won't get away. We tried for 6 months with no luck. Within 3 days of the yarn trick we caught 4. Haven't had one since.

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