Recently found two medications (generic) I take daily, and have been getting through Express Scripts mail-order as part of Tricare Retiree Prime, are on "long-term back-order". To be sure, Express Scripts has let me know in enough time to get the medications downtown. But it is very hard to understand why such a big company, who has spent a huge amount of effort cajoling and convincing people to have their medicines delivered through their mail-order service, simply cannot maintain reliable supplies of generic medications. Could understand if the meds were very special, limited-use meds, but one of the meds Express Scripts can't seem to get is atorvastatin - millions of people take it daily.

Also find it interesting that while Express Scripts cannot get supplies of certain drugs, the pharmacy that used to handle all my prescriptions before I went to Express Scripts always seems to have, or gets very quickly, whatever I need.

Anyone else having the same problem?