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What I want to know is, why would he need it? One common chant in Christianity is "praise the Lord."

Why praise the Lord? Does he need your moral support? He's an omnipotent being, for crying out loud! Why does he need your praise? For that matter, why does he even need your worship? Why would an omnipotent want for anything?
Great point!

After so many years struggling over to believe in him or not, I came to the following conclusion.

If the story told in the bible is true, then we are nothing but mere playthings for him. Some sort of amusement that he created for his pleasure.

Then he wants to test and judge us?

What an asshole! Really, a cosmically tremendous asshole!

I have no problem admitting that I thoroughly resent being a flesh and blood version of a GI Joe doll for some fucking lunatic omnipotent god to play with in his backyard.

He really needs a spanking for being so damn naughty to his pets, or whatever the fuck we are.

How does one look at the concept of God, and not see that?