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Thread: AF Special Duty Ribbon

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    AF Special Duty Ribbon

    More shirt candy...

    From AFI 36-2803

    A2.5. Air Force Special Duty Ribbon (AFSDR).

    A2.5.1. The SECAF established the Air Force Special Duty Ribbon on 4
    September 2014 to recognize Airmen who successfully perform the challenge of
    a special duty assignment. The ribbon was designed to acknowledge the
    extraordinary commitment and dedication of present and future Airmen who
    served in an extremely difficult duty or a duty that required an unusual
    degree of responsibility. These Airmen experienced personal sacrifices well
    above their peers in other special duties and their direction was critical
    to molding and sustaining our future force.

    A2.5.2. Eligibility.

    A2.5.2.1. Service members who are awarded a special duty Air Force Specialty
    Code (AFSC) or a special duty identifier, and successfully completed a
    special duty assignment (ie., full assignment tour completion).

    A2.5.2.2. Qualifying special duty assignments are: T -prefix (Training
    Instructor in core AFSC (officer and enlisted)), 80C0 (Commander, Cadet
    Squadron, USAFA), 81C0 (Training Commander, OTS), 81T0 (Instructor), 82A0
    (Academic Program Manager), 8A200 (Career Assistance Advisor), 8B000
    (Military Training Instructor), 8B100 (Military Training Leader), 8B200
    (USAFA Military Training), 8C000 (Airman and Family Readiness Center NCO),
    8F000 (First Sergeant), 85G and 8G000 (Honor Guard), 83R and 8R000
    (Recruiter), and 8T000 (Professional Military Education (PME) Instructor).

    A2.5.2.3. Members of the Other Services. The AFSDR may be awarded to members
    of the other Services after successful completion of a qualifying special
    duty assignment. The member must have been assigned or attached to an Air
    Force unit.

    A2.5.2.4. The AFSDR is not retroactive and will not be awarded for the same
    special duty assignment authorized the AFRR or the AFBMTIR.

    A2.5.3. Submission Process. Nominations will be submitted on the AF Form 104
    and verified by the commander, to the servicing military personnel flight.

    A2.5.4. Waivers. Commanders may grant waivers to the tour length requirement
    if an individual cannot complete the tour for a valid reason.

    A2.5.5. Revocation. Commanders may withdraw authorization to wear the ribbon
    for those Airmen who are eliminated from the special duty assignment for
    disciplinary reasons.

    A2.5.6. Authorized Device. An Oak Leaf Cluster is awarded for successful
    completion of additional or consecutive special duty assignments.

    A2.5.7. Order of Precedence. The AFSDR shall be worn immediately following
    the Air Force Longevity Service Award.

    A2.2. The Basic Military Training (BMT) Instructor ribbon was established to
    recognize BMT Instructors (includes SDI 8B000 - AF BMT and AF Officer
    Training School) for a tour of duty as a military training instructor (MTI)
    from 7 December 1998 to 3 September 2014.

    A2.2.1. Effective 4 September 2014, the AFMBTIR is no longer authorized to
    be awarded. Graduates of the MTI School on/after 4 September 2014 will be
    recognized with an Air Force Special Duty Ribbon upon successful completion
    of a tour of duty as an MTI.

    A2.2.2. Exception. The 12-month tour length requirement for the AFBMTIR is
    waived for members authorized temporary wear of the AFBMTIR on/before 3
    September 2014. These members may be authorized permanent wear of the

    A2.3. The Air Force Recruiter Ribbon was established to recognize officer
    (83R0) and enlisted (8R000) personnel who perform the challenging duty of
    Air Force Recruiting from 21 June 2000 to 3 September 2014.

    A2.3.1. Effective 4 September 2014, the AFRR is no longer authorized to be
    awarded. Completion of Recruiting duties on/after 4 September 2014 will be
    recognized with an Air Force Special Duty Ribbon.

    A2.3.2. Exception. The 36-month tour length requirement for the AFRR is
    waived for members who served at least 24 months in a recruiting duty on 3
    September 2014. These members may be awarded the AFRR.

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    Hopefully they are allowed to put devices on it so you can easily pick out those who spend their entire career dodging their AFSC.

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    More flair for the chair force. Like we need yet another reason for the other services to make fun of the chest full of ribbons we have. The people that run the awards/dec program have lost their effin minds, again...

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    The navy has their own version, about 12 years ago the Marines approved seperate ribbons for Drill Instructors, Marine Security Guards and Recruiters and just approved one for Combat training instructors; I don't know if the Army.

    We can all make fun of each other on this subject.
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    At first glance I thought this was a solution looking for a problem, but it appears this is replacing existing ribbons and now includes additional special duty assignments. On the heels of the new nuclear operations ribbon, are ribbons becoming a quick fix to demonstrate leadership is attempting to address problems? I don’t think the new ribbon carries any points towards promotion with it, so what real value does it provide the enlisted member? Successful completion of a special duty assignment should be a career enhancement in tangible terms, meaning points in WAPS.
    Some people may be motivated by a ribbon, but I believe people in general want to be treated fairly, given a chance to compete for promotion, have stable pay/benefits and believe leadership is looking out for them. A ribbon won’t do this.
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    Postal isn't included. Booooo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by socal1200r View Post
    More flair for the chair force. Like we need yet another reason for the other services to make fun of the chest full of ribbons we have. The people that run the awards/dec program have lost their effin minds, again...
    Go back and look at the first sentence of para A2.5.1. THAT'S who has lost their effin minds.
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