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Thread: Aliens will go to hell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WILDJOKER5 View Post
    We have learned to survive those diseases and now battle heart disease due to our diets. Gotta love the irony.
    Or live so old, we run out of savings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MACHINE666 View Post
    If we find "alien" life on other planets, it will be most likely only sentient humans or advanced civilizations as we love to fantasize about. UFO activity, crop circles, abductions, etc are all from inter-dimensional beings, not extra-terrestrial. I highly suspect that they're demons masquerading as our "space brothers", given the fact that everything is done so secretively (i.e. occult). So if someone were to take this question seriously, I would say that it answers itself without any further need for discussion.
    "Poes law" definitely' applies here

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