Saw this on Fox. Apparently there is a big push to host gay pride blood drives, and to repeal the "Sexist" law that prohibits men who have sex with other men from donating blood.

But i notice in all the years this law has been around, NO one called it sexist, cause it only targeted men?!

Also, there are many OTHER reasons that preclude someone from giving blood.
A time restraint (if you gave a few days ago you can't give again. So why not repeal this as it is discriminating against those who want to continually give.
Restraints against those who were overseas at certain locations during certain times (like the EU during the mad cow crisis) - what about this? Why not repeal that?

If this law does get repealed, and somehow a Gay person who donated tainted blood gets given to someone else, Who get's sued? The gay person for being allowed to donate it? THe blood bank for improper testing? BOTH?