With all the "fun" PC talk that's been going on, I thought I'd start a thread about whether going away from traditional gender rolls has helped or hurt us as a country. The topic has been brought up before but we never go too indepth.

Here are the thoughts/questions I have, and the things I will be talking about are families that have 2 parents living in the same household. Much of it will be considered "nostalgia" and "everyone thinks they had it better" so just bear with me.

1. Has 2 parents working hurt our education as a country? Growing up, when I came home from school my mom was always there to help me with my homework if I needed it. How much does it hurt a child when they are pretty much on their own to do it?

2. Has 2 parents working hurt the family unit? I know we always had dinner ready for us when dad got home from work and we ate, as a family, at the kitchen table. Discussion took place...rarely anything too serious, but it allowed us to talk about the day. Plus, we were very seldom home alone.

3. Has 2 parents working hurt the economy? We see and hear so much about how high the unemployment rate is. Is this because there aren't enough jobs or because there are too many workers? "Back in the day" there were fewer jobs needed because there was only one family member working. I'm pretty sure "stay at home" moms were not part of the unemployment numbers.

4. Has 2 parents working hurt discipline? Seems very simple. If there's nobody around to make sure the kids aren't doing the right thing then it makes it very easy for the kids to do the wrong thing. Plus, in the little time parents have to spend with their kids, do they really want to spend it all disciplining the child. Has this let to the parents being their kid's friend?

5. Has 2 parents working hurt marriages? Personally, I don't see how it can't have a negative impact. We know what the divorce percentages are today. Do the two corrolate?

6. I know many people claim that they have to have two incomes in order to survive. However, would less income and more "normal" involvement (by "normal" I mean just being around each other on an everyday basis) be better for the kids in the long run?