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Thread: Can they really be that stupid to think we will buy their lies?

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    Can they really be that stupid to think we will buy their lies?

    OK, so now the IRS after all this time, is saying they can't provide the demanded emails from Lois Lerner, cause her hard drive crashed and therefore they lost them..
    Are they really that dumb?
    First off, your hard drive is only ONE of a number of place's its stored.
    1) the drive of the sender
    2) the drive(s) of the recepient(s).
    3) the server
    4) any back up servers

    And iirc since the law requires businesses (which the IRS qualifies as) to PERFORM back ups of data, i'd love to know how in the heck they can think anyone is going to buy their crap they lost those emails?

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    Why shouldn’t they think we are that stupid? They have every reason to because society is that stupid. Of course the IRS thinks they are going to get away with it. What scandal in the last few years have we done anything about? NSA spying, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, GSA’s Vegas party, the VA, etc. The IRS knows all they have to do is lose things and forget others and we will forget about it within five months when a video of R. Kelly peeing on Beiber surfaces.

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    Why does it surprise you that those stories are told and believed? After all, most US citizens have been conditioned to the point that the "other" political party is the root of all evil and will destroy the country. At this point, each side only needs to appease their own following to maintain the status quo. The moderate / independent voter is becoming an endangered species. In regards to the data backup - since when is any agency held accountable for following regulations and laws?

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    Quote Originally Posted by efmbman View Post
    ... The moderate / independent voter is becoming an endangered species. ...
    As I recently pointed out on some other thread, independents outnumber both democrats and republicans, and have for at least 10 years. Although, whether they vote proportionately is a separate question, and there's evidence that they don't turn out to the polls as often as those on the extremes. So you have a valid point.

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