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Actually Perry is embarrassing himself by making a comparison of homosexuality and alcoholism. The guy is a career politician and you'd think he'd have enough sense to not make statements that can so easily be turned against him.
You really think that he made this statement because he doesn't have sense? This is a well planned out move. The Republicans need a more moderate stance on many things to have any chance at success in 2016. My guess would be that this is his way of sounding more moderate while not completely alienating too many people. He's a politician. Don't ever assume that any of them haven't weighed the pros and cons of their comments.

You are being an apologist by softening his statement to me, so I can't so easily call the evangelical segment of the Republican Party, "gay haters."
I don't care what you call them. I don't identify with Evangelicals at all. I'll vote for whoever is going to do their best to help the poor. All the other stuff is secondary.