Alright, looks like I'm doing it! I got out of the Navy in 2011 after eleven years, gained a shit ton of weight... all the way up to 285. Last time I weighed that was in October, when I stoped driving taxis. I check the scale in December, and saw that I weighed in the low 270's. Happy with what I saw, I decided to take advantage of what was happening... and I got down to 220 by the end of January, and got within body fat standards for the Army. Decided to talk to an Army National Guard recruiter; got the runaround for awhile, and then was told that no unit would waive a charge that I had (one that was unconditionally dismissed).

I was jerked around until the end of February by these fools. By then, I finally got down to 200; and met Navy body fat standards. The only problem was... I had to get all of my documentation for myself and dependants... social security cards, birth certs, etc... took me until early May to finish, and then I was told that... Navy Reserve recruiting got shut down for the remainder of the fiscal year. I finally got down to my current weight of 185, and found that I was good with the Air Force at 202.

So... I contacted the Air Force Reserve recruiter. She gave me the "bad" news... no reserve unit at Langley, so I'd have to go to Dover or Seymour-Johnson. Which is GREAT! I'm FROM Dover!

She also said that me keeping my E6 won't be guaranteed, but losing it is unlikely as long whatever AFSC I pick has an open slot; and even if it doesn't, there are waivers for it. I'm okay with it by now either way; I just want IN.

Anyhow, I thought this worked out great. I only made one phone call to the recruiter, met with her at the office, and then I got scheduled for MEPS that SAME day! I'm going on June 23rd.

I was a PS in the Navy, which is supposed to be equal to 3S0XX - which she said that there are no open slots for.

I'm currently looking at the following:

Aircraft Loadmaster
Traffic Management
Air Transportation
Vehicle Maintenance
Fire Protection
Public Affairs/Radio & Broadcasting

Anyone in these fields that can tell me anything about them?