In the past I've made it very clear how I have felt about social programs, etc.

I'd just like to say that over the past few months I've been doing quite a bit of "soul searching" and have come to the conclusion that I believe I've been completely wrong.

Are there people out there taking advantage of the system? Of course. But it doesn't matter. As a Christian, it's up to me to do what I can to help those who have very little/nothing. If that means that I have to vote for someone who wants to raise taxes to spend more on social programs then so be it.

I still believe there are better ways to do it then raising taxes for the rich (I feel that a flat tax for middle class and up would be the best way to go) but as far as the healthcare/welfare/etc go, I'm fully behind it. If that means I have less...I'm fine with that.

If the programs ended up helping only one "deserving" person while allowing thousands to take advantage of the system, I'm good with that.

"Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, give unto God that which is God's".

Just let me add that this change of heart does not come from any personal/family related incident. This is strictly a religious "slap in the face" I've recently had. It's a shame that it took me so long, but all that matters is that I got there before it was too late.

I'd also like to add that I'm not condemning those of you who feel the way I used to. I see your point, I understand your arguments, because they were mine for a long time.