The UK news article didn't have anything that wasn't in the report from June.

But yes, this becoming international news is a definite black eye.

I have seen a lot of comments about how good of a guy he was from people who had served with him in the past, how the Navy was wrong to appoint a Submarine officer to lead the investigation since the Aviation community is "different" (special?).

The Navy just did announce some changes to the Blue Angels as well:

"The Blue Angels will get an executive officer for the first time in the squadron’s history and the member selection process will be overhauled to include more oversight from personnel officials, Vice Adm. David Buss, the head of Naval Air Forces, ordered as part of changes announced Tuesday."

"Buss also overhauled the selection process. The Blues will still get to pick the next generation of team members, but once those selections are made, Buss said new checks and balances will be used to vet those selections.

Buss said the the selection criteria has been carefully rewritten to ensure no one is excluded.

“We’ve really kind of focused on clearly stating in our selection instruction that demographics and gender will not be considered as factors,” he said. “It’s really based on aviation skill, professional performance and community reputation.”

I don't expect war-fighters to be angels, but I do have a much higher expectation of leadership from a Commanding Officer