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Thread: Engagement Traditions (rings, wedding costs etc)

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    Re: Guess who got a ring???

    Quote Originally Posted by FLAPS, USAF (ret) View Post
    But it's just an exclusive Enlisted Forum. How fun can that be?
    As an officer, you can make it fun by promoting stereotypes about enlisted members. For example, you can imagine that all the enlisted aircrew members are typing with two fingers, and that they have spoons in the sleeve pockets of their flight suits.

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    Re: Engagement Traditions (rings, wedding costs etc)

    So my question is this.... I have a ring...a beautiful one that I picked out. My soon to be husband will wear the wedding band I bought him but he doesn't wear any other jewelry. What types of gifts have you guys gotten from your wives on your wedding day? I have a few ideas. He loves his truck but the sound system in it is stock and pretty much sucks. However, that isn't something that will be around forever. Same goes with game systems and other electronics. He buys all the random stuff he wants.
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