Let me preface this thread by stating that I am neither for or against gay marriage and could care less either way. That is not what this topic is about.

However, I attended an annual awards ceremony recently where several of the couples being introduced (nominees) were same sex couples including at least one mil to mil couple. I'll be honest, I was personally not expecting it and was shocked at myself for being as taken aback as I was given this "new" climate we live in. 14 years of monkey see monkey do I guess...

As an avid people watcher though, I couldn't help but notice the obvious cringing and disapproval on the faces of many in attendance...especially the older generations. No one got out of line and all kept military bearing including the same sex couples but you could tell there was a "tension" in the air.

Has anyone else experienced reactions like this (or worse) at official functions recently since DADT was repealed?