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Thread: Gay Couples at Awards Ceremonies

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    Re: Gay Couples at Awards Ceremonies

    :yawn :deadhorse

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    Re: Gay Couples at Awards Ceremonies

    Not at a conference, but in the general public on base. I ran into a gay couple at the exchange in the liquor section. Based upon the civilian attire and age of the service-member , I would have wagered he was at least a Company Grade Officer. His partner was the stereotypical gay guy: In dress, slight lisp, high pitched voice, limp wrist, walk, etc.,. I thought for a moment maybe the gay guy was a relative, but at the check-out counter, I noticed the matching wedding bands. I completed my purchase, and left the store. No stopping, no gawking, just an indifference to the matter - On the surface, anyway. In all actuality, I was surprised.

    I remember thinking to myself, "Well, it's not limited to the States, anymore - it's overseas as well."
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