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Thread: The Ukraine situation

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    Re: The Ukraine situation

    Quote Originally Posted by AJBIGJ View Post
    It is an irony that many of the same individuals who vilify such entities are also the same people promoting policies that give the corporations the opportunities to develop monopolies and oligopolies in their niche of the market.
    Yep. People scream about more regulations on oil companies and drilling practices and inspections. Sadly, it really only hurts the small oil producing companies that only work inside the US who dont make huge profits. The big companies are spared the brunt of the regulations, and slide by as the small companies go out of business.
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    Re: The Ukraine situation

    Has the US every been in a similar situation as Russia currently is? My answer is yes.

    Has the US ever had strategic military bases/terrain/infrastructure that were located in a foreign country and our utilization/control of these military bases/terrain/infrastructure where covered by legal conventions/treaties. My answer is yes.

    What independent country closely fits this description? My answer is Panama.

    The relevant Treaties; On February 26, 1904, the Isthmian Canal Convention, was proclaimed. In it, the Republic of Panama granted to the United States in perpetuity the use, occupation, and control of a zone of land and land under water for the construction, maintenance, operation, sanitation, and protection of the canal.
    From 1903 to 1979 the territory was controlled by the United States, which had built the canal and financed its construction. From 1979 to 1999 the canal itself was under joint U.S.–Panamanian control. In 1977 the Torrijos-Carter Treaties established the neutrality of the canal.

    Now, how did we react in Panama when our strategic interest where threatened?

    There are many examples of how the US responded to treats posed to its interest in Panama by the Panamanian Government/population. I wont go over the most recent invasion of Panama, Operation Just Cause, because I am sure its still fresh in most folks minds.

    Another little known crisis that threatened US vital interest in Panama was the 1964 Panamanian riots (Panamanian Martyrs' Day). During this event I was a dependent kid and we lived on Fort Amador in base housing. Our house was right on the bluff overlooking Panama Bay and we had a great view of Panama City. The US responded to this crisis by sending military reinforcements to the canal zone and US forces were involved in fighting/suffered casualties. Some things I remember, our US schools where occupied by Panamanian thugs, we had an occupied (US soldiers) sandbagged machinegun nest in our back yard, and we had a great view of Panama City burning

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