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I have a friend who is the COR (Contracting officer Representative) for a $2 Million per year contact. The contract has roughly 15 people on it. He hasn't even met most of them since none actually work in his office. Since no one has complained he just files a report every month saying things are going great and the contractor keeps getting paid. I wonder what private sector company would spend 2 mil and never actually bother to see what they got?
Doesn't sound right. Again, I might be geezing, but when I was a COR the contractor had to produce a report of activity/cost/schedule every month. Contracting got one, I got one, user got one. The user also stayed in close touch with me. So did the contractor. If anything came up the comms channels were well-defined and well-used. And in my case, several of us from my office went to the user for a one-day pow-wow, from which everyone came out happy.