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Poor 70gto, this thread didn't do him much good, but that is exactly the image of the type of troop his OP conjured.
We once had a guy in my squadron, his name was Sergeant, who took 30 days of leave 31 days before his annual PT test. This dude spent the 30 days of leave in his dorm room eating pizza and playing World of Warcraft. He literally didn't leave his room for 30 straight days. The smell got so bad that they did an on-the-spot inspection the day he came back from leave (without a clean uniform or a haircut) and they had to wear masks to go into his room. Later that morning he needed to take his PT test.

Our squadron would try to do tests for everyone around the same time so sometimes other flights would be at the base track doing their PT tests on the same day. My buddy shows up to test some of our guys and this kid Sergeant is hunched over, puking on the ground. My buddy goes up to his PTL and says "How did his run go?" The PTL replies "He hasn't done it, yet. He just finished sit-ups."