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Sorry, it grew 19%....in 2012. Dont have the numbers on how much its grown since then. I guess I can look later.
That's 19% for the overall cost of welfare, including new people who had to go on it. Not 19% benefit raises.

But why is it that if less than 2% of people would be affected by voter ID laws, is it still not still considered racist? 2% of people that have foodstamps popping positive for Drugs shouldnt be on foodstamps. If they have money for drugs, then they have money for food. Hell CO is opening up EBT to be used at pot stores.
Isn't the argument about where your tax dollars are going? By administering these tests, more of your tax dollars are being spent than what's being saved - in other words, it's a net loss. So... why do you still want to keep pouring money into the drug tests?