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Thread: Here's my idea.

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    Re: Here's my idea.

    The most important six inches on the battlefield ... is between your ears.

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    Re: Here's my idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty Jones View Post
    No. Just reading the titles and the small passages on the search results page should clue you in as to what's going on in these articles.
    So you attribute troll posts to all conservatives? Wow.

    No, it's a desire to remove them from society by putting them in jail.
    Right, if you believe that, how do you not believe planned parenthood isnt doing worse by setting up shop in low income minority neighborhoods 80% of the time and killing off more minorities in a year than the KKK ever did in history? That was the origional stated purpose of PP in the first place. And by the way, illegalizing drugs came from Dems who made it only illegal for minorities in the beginning. The GOP made it illegal for everyone when it turned into a moral issue, and that includes Regean and the war on drugs.

    Well if you believe that people aren't committing a crime by using drugs, then why do you want to test welfare recipients for drugs?
    Because they typically will be drug tested by the private companies and will be rejected and continue to recieve welfare.

    Because the truth comes out in the bills that they introduce. For example, I've already pointed out to sandsjames that there are no provisions for mandatory rehab in bills for the testing of welfare recipients. The bills are strictly designed to yank welfare away from those who pop positive.
    That doesnt mean its a racial issue. Its one of the reasons for the TEA party esq groups (libertarians) that are trying to out the ol guard from the GOP. But remember, if you put in these bills that thos that pop positive for drugs should go to rehab, then isnt the fear of the government knowing your private life coming true? The point of just denying public assistance is the least they can do.

    And... the big lie that you bought into. Thinking that people on welfare are somehow living the good life. I live in Norfolk, VA. Look me up if you're ever in my neck of the woods, and I'll show you around town so you can see how people on welfare are living.
    And... many people don't realize how people on welfare get these things. There's alot of illegal money to be made in the ghetto. Hell, before they tore down Robert Taylor Homes in Chicago, it was estimated that between $50,000 to $100,000 worth of drug deals took place there DAILY.

    Also, do you know what "tricking" is? You are, or were, in the military... so you see it everyday. Poor schmuck who has yet to learn about life, blowing his paycheck on local women who are using him. And it's not just men in the military who do this. Many poor women, including those on public assistance, use men with both legitimate and legitimate jobs everyday. And they will even give some of that money and other goods from the men tricking on them to other men.

    That people ASSUME is on welfare with the latest iPhone? If she is on welfare, I bet you - some idiot bought it for her. I wouldn't even advise anyone to put money on that not being the case. The fun bet would be on whether or the trick is actually having sex with her.
    I would bet there are a great deal of those people "tricking" the government for the iPhone. The free phones (obamaphones) expense has greatly exploded from the price tag under Bush to what it is under Obama.

    Nope, not true. The racism in the north is different from the racism in the south. Southern racism is hostile in nature, where northern racism is condescening in nature.
    So hostile is better than condesending? Guess blacks would rather live in a place where you think their lives are in danger rather than have boosted test scores for college exams. But thank you for admitting to the racism of the liberals.

    The south is less segregated, but there's more opportunity up north.
    More opportunity how?

    Southern racism is basically "We don't care how close you get, but don't go too high;" where northern racism is "We don't care how high you go, but don't get too close."
    The second line doesnt make sense. Going "high" means they will be closer than anything. Are you saying blacks would rather be around whites than to succeed?

    Northern racism, I'll grant you, is responsible for the current state of the black community (again, watch The Pruitt-Igoe Myth if you haven't); but most blacks aren't conscious of that - most still think that slavery is responsible, when most of the problems didn't begin until the Great Migration North.
    Interesting suggestion, I will check out if it is on netflix while I am on convelecent.

    However, where you're wrong is the insinuation that black people have a problem with liberals, and want to go places that are run by conservatives. The remigration south is a cultural thing. The culture of southern blacks has caught on and gone mainstream, and this has been the case for the past 15 years.
    Ah, so because of hip hop "repping the dirty south", blacks are moving back because of the fad and lack of success they may achieve. Its amazing what people do because of what they see on TV.

    Tell me something: do you really believe the kind of bullshit that you put out on this forum? Or are you trying to portray some caricature of anti-social right wing nutjob idiocy?
    Really? Being for taxation is "Social"? When was the last time you saw your tax collector and followed them to hand YOUR money to a poor person at the welfare line? Taxation is the biggest form of being anti-social because you dont have to see anyone to vote for MORE taxes on someone else to be given to someone you dont know.
    Liberalism; such great ideas, they need to force you to follow them.

    Socialism is for the people, not the socialist.

    Economic Left/Right: 7.38
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.08

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