Retired CMSAF Roy and his sister service contemporaries have finally stepped up.

They have come out against the proposed across the board 1% reduction of the current retired pay COLA adjustment formula. They also have come out diametrically opposed to a recent statement of retired Senior Flag Officers condoning the reduction. I love it.

If passed, "the cost-of-living adjustment reduction to military retired pay included in the Bipartisan Budget Act goes into effect in December 2015"

“You don’t join the military to get rich. There are a lot of sacrifices. There are PCS moves. There are bullets flying overhead. We’re still fighting a war, and now we are talking about reducing the COLA? I don’t get it,” recently retired Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Roy said.

In interviews, Roy and the others denounced the reductions, calling them unfair to the average enlisted troops who often struggle to find decent-paying jobs when they leave the service.

The six senior enlisted leaders said they decided to speak out after four retired generals and flag officers issued a statement Jan. 13 voicing support for the cuts.

"Writing for the Bipartisan Policy Center, retired Marine Gen. James L. Jones, retired Marine Maj. Gen. Arnold Punaro, retired Air Force Gen. Chuck Wald and retired Navy Adm. Greg Johnson said the planned reduction, which they later described in an op-ed piece in The Hill newspaper as “modest and reasonable reform,” is “an important first step in tackling” rising military personnel costs."

“Very generous health care and pension benefits for able-bodied, working age (38-62) military retirees — benefits that have no parallel in either the private or public sectors — cannot remain the same without causing damage to our war-fighting ability in an era of constrained resources,” they wrote in the editorial."

"But the senior enlisted advisers said the pending changes are an assault on what they consider a benefit they’ve already earned — the promise of retirement pay that will keep up with inflation."

Surprise, surprise... "None of the flag officers who spoke in favor of the cuts would be affected by the reductions. The three four-stars will earn, combined, more than $560,800 in retirement pay in 2014."

"According to Military Times calculations, a service member who retires as an E-7 with 22 years of service would see an average loss of $100,000 by the time he or she reached age 62, while an O-5 stands to lose $121,000."

Thank you, CMSAF Roy and your sister service contemporaries, it's about damn time.