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Thread: Air Force Wood & The I Luv Me Wall

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    Re: Air Force Wood & The I Luv Me Wall

    AFChief: Congrats on an outstanding career and good luck in the future.

    "What matters" will end up on the wall. The herd will be culled significantly.
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    Re: Air Force Wood & The I Luv Me Wall

    I used to display all my stuff in my office because my wife wouldn't have any of it in the house. Today it's all in storage.

    When I retired I took all the documents and photos and put them in plastic sleeves in binders, except for a few photos where the matte had been signed by people. Some farewell mementos were professionally framed so I left those intact, too.

    Like Chief KO, I kept one example of each type of uniform. The rest I took to the Airman's Attic (or whatever the Navy's equivalent of that is).

    I threw out a lot of stuff. For some reason I had kept every copy of the PFE Study Guide (now PDG) I was ever issued going back to the mid '80s. Go figure.

    Not sure what I'm ever going to do with what's left. I don't envision moving into a bigger place ever, so I guess it'll all just stay in storage until I'm gone and my kids have to decide what to do with it.
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    Re: Air Force Wood & The I Luv Me Wall

    Quote Originally Posted by fufu View Post
    One thing I've noticed in every Chiefs office is the amount of wood or luv me shit all over the walls. When I see all those statues, awards, and going away gifts it makes me realize that I will most likely never make Chief. I prefer to rock the boat vs stand in line. Thus, I've never been the "favorite" at any point in my career. I have one qtrly award, one going away gift and about 9 coins. I give the coins to my grandfather, he likes them. I have the qtrly award on my desk, which will probably be given back to the Sq when I leave so they can reuse it. The going away gift is MIA, I think it is in a box in the basement.

    I've always wondered what the blue carders did with all that shit. Now, I know! LOL My FIL and GFIL are retired AF and neither has any AF swag in their homes or man caves. I might display my shadow box, if I buy one. Otherwise, I'm not keeping anything else.

    I like the coins, all of them have been given to me. I've never bought a single coin. They are my little roadmap.
    They post it for two reasons. One, it makes them feel better than everyone else. Two, they THINK it motivates others. It does, I guess. It motivates the people who are going to be motivated to chase that stuff anyway.

    There you go, AA...another negative post. But it's the truth.

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