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Off-duty education...is just that. You get to do it off-duty. If a supervisor or anyone who out ranks you ask you to stay late, rake leaves, pick up butts, empty the trash, or to continue working...you do what is required. If you miss a class...so be it. 100% of the instructors understand...'duty comes 1st'.

Why do some forget....'YOU ARE IN THE MILITARY'.

Comm Guy. Sounds almost exactly what happened to one of my guys awhile back. Short tasking came up, did not have time to explain to SSgt why I needed him....I just did. I gave him orders on the time critical task and went to another area. Came back 45-minutes later...he was gone. Asked around..."he packed up and went to class". Really? The outcome: SSgt had to drop two classes, and earned himself an LOR. CC could have did Art 15...but I gave him a break.
Duty does come first but this was a Sergeant Major who was creating make work. Who the hell pulls people out of a class at 7pm to have them mow the grass in the dark? Who the hell does that three times a week? This guy was a colossal douche bag and I'm surprised the MPs didn't frag his ass at some point. CID would have ruled it a suicide and closed the case.