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The fully burdened labor rate used to estimate a staff augmentation contractor (mid-level All source Analyst E6/O3 equivalent) for a year in Afghanistan is $420K. Of course the only training ground for these people is the military. so, in most cases the taxpayer has already paid for the initial training.
Rainmaker have a few questions: How many FY 13 O&M funded staff augmentation contractors reported to duty at CONUS govt agencies on 1 Oct 2013? The same day 800K Federal employees went home from the same agencies. What percentage of these staff augmentation contractors are considered mission essential? How many of them will still be on the books when 100K+ service members get kicked to the curb? and What do the beltway bandit Joint Chiefs of Staff and their handlers have to say about this discrepancy?
Excellent question, and one I don't have an answer for. All I can say on that one is a lot depends on the color of the money you are using. If their contract was already funded, OK. If not, problem.

In my case I am at what is called a Working Capital Fund site. That means we get our funding from various customers to do work.

When the shutdown took effect, we did not have to deal with being sent home because of where our funds came from. We stayed on the job and got paid on time. Of course, as time went along and the pot ran low, the issue of being sent home without pay would have been revisited.

And no, I don't either lord it over the folks that went home or had to work without pay - there but for the grace of God went I.