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Thread: Two admirals face probe in Navy bribery scheme

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    Re: Two admirals face probe in Navy bribery scheme

    I guess three civilians working in the Navy intelligence establishment are being investigated for something unrealted:

    Washington Post:

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    Re: Two admirals face probe in Navy bribery scheme

    Saw that one in the Post myself.

    It'll be interesting to see how that plays out, especially if it turns out a couple of those items got diverted and no one caught on to it.

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    Re: Two admirals face probe in Navy bribery scheme

    Quote Originally Posted by waveshaper2 View Post
    So two more rogue seafarers may end up having to walk the plank. I hope that when the good Vice Admiral was the CO of the USS Nimitz he was sharing his hornswaggled, ill-gotten BOOTY with his crew. If he was sharing, then I am sure the morale of his shipmates was extremely high during his tenure as CO of USS Nimitz and its ensuing "ports-of-call" tour of Asia.

    Branch was my CO on NIMITZ during the 2005 cruise. He didn't share any of his "booty" as you call it with us and our morale was acutally pretty high during that cruise. He was a pretty fair, no-nonsense guy who got the mission done.

    Misiewicz was our CSO on Lake Champlain. He was a bumbling idiot back then and I have no idea how he screened for XO and CO. No surprise that he is wrapped up in this.

    Lenard Francis was the Husbanding Agent for several Port Visits on 3 of my ships over the years. He was shady guy. Being in S-1, we had to pay the invoices and we would always question alot of the charges, but those questions always fell on deaf ears at the servicing NRCC (Singapore) at the time. Francis would always demand his payment in cash and I can remember him walking off the brow with $150K from the Disbo's safe during one port visit.

    Funny how life comes around full circle sometimes......

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